Student Categories

Courteous personality of the year
Student most popular
Student most fashionable
Student model of the year
Best student publicist of the year
Student Artist if the year
Sportsperson of the year
Student entrepreneur of the year
Student most social / creative

Universities Categories

Student welfarism university
Best Tech university
Most supportive university in social development
University with sauce
Most innovative lecturer of the year

Honorary Merit Award

Extra miles Award
Difference maker Award
Prestigious Award
Milestone Award
Enthusiast Award
Achievers Award
Business innovator
T. E. A.M Award
Hall of fame
Humanitarian/volunteers Award
People’s Choice Award
Innovation & Invention

Youth categories

Fashionista of the year
Outstanding personality of the year
Revolution of the year
Most sophisticated
Brand of the year
Entrepreneur of the year
Breakthrough of the year
Song Collaboration of the year
Song of the year
Listeners choice
Publicist of the year
Most inspiring personality
Best customer services
Most organized company
Blog of the year
Best DJ of the year
Hilarious personality
Event of the year
Public relation agency of the year
Creative media agency
Hour glass
Model of the year
Unsung Hero
Favorite chilling spot


Social media Agency
Digital Agency of the year
Entertaining/ Entertainment company
Video vixen of the year
Talent manager of The year
Listeners choice
Blog of the year
Hype man of the year
Breakthrough of the year



  1. What about producer of the year
    Best hit song of the year
    Best collaboration
    Best female male pop art
    Best female male afro art
    I just feel entertainment in Cotonou is messed up. When we talk about award let it touch I feel we mean the entertainment sector generally.
    I really hope this time it wouldn’t be in the club cause the last time I and my friends celin and co came for the award show at Qclub it was messed up.
    No one needs to pay for an award let it be for real to all those that deserve it. Love you boo dresh just have to trash this out once and for all. We love music and music should be the central part of any award in Cotonou…kisses boo

    1. we humans are not being considerate, the young man without 0 or less sponsor is trying to put entertainment in Benin republic on the map but u don’t see that. all u could do is to criticise instead of encouraging the young man. so because he is supposed to just go to where the awards are being designed and tell them that so so so and so deserves awards in Cotonou, help me design awards for them for free or what.

      let’s try to think deep before criticizing anyone or saying what u don’t really understand how it is done.

      just relax and better still ask questions to get clarification on things u don’t understand.

      I will leave you with one question,

      “From whose purse should the young man take money to design awards from?”

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